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Published: 09th February 2011
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The air Jordan 11 on November last year had reached a pen and wasp involved two teams of trading, the hornets five people with stojakovic and jerry baylor, exchanged raptors guard jerry Bridget jack, David Anderson and marcus Banks.

But to the eastern conference in the NBA, peja stojakovic not quickly in the Toronto raptors to establish their own position, although the raptors currently only ranked in the eastern conference 12th, but peja stojakovic against this weak team, still appear to fit. Join the team for nearly two months, peja stojakovic for raptors played two games, altogether had 20 points and three rebounds and 1 assists.

In fact from trading date, Air Jordan 11 (XI) Retro - Concords (White

Black - Dark Concord)
is begun buyout peja stojakovic last year that the value of 15 million contract, and the union once SanFenWang tend to team of such a practice. On the one hand, raptors buyout peja stojakovic deal, will save you a lot of cap space, Secondly peja stojakovic in become a free agent after can return to the west, again signing a competitive squad.

So far the alliance for peja stojakovic intentional team mostly in the west, the mavericks, the Air Jordan 11 (XI) Retro-Space Jams (Black

Varsity Royal-White)

and his old club the hornets are hoping to sign the Serbian striker at low prices. The mavericks in caron butler, when wounded, 3 a lack of a qualified bench and defending champion lakers 3 position also meet personnel crisis, matt - right knee ligament sprain in Barnes, will miss after two months, the lakers look set at this time

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